Who is sponsoring the study? Are there any third parties involved?

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It depends on the disease. Some studies are sponsored directly by PicnicHealth, and some are sponsored by separate companies or organizations that do scientific research to develop new treatments for a range of medical conditions. These are often biotech companies that have the resources to do research, or academic researchers focused on specific diseases. At PicnicHealth, we specialize in building de-identified datasets for researchers. Our goal is to get this information to researchers who can use it to answer critical research questions about how diseases look and are treated out in the real world (not in a highly controlled clinical trial setting) with the hope that this can ultimately lead to better care. 

We believe working with multiple researchers can give us all the best chance of making medical advances. Third-party organizations can apply for access to the de-identified records. These might be government, academic, or commercial innovators. No matter who the sponsor is, all studies are overseen by an independent review board (IRB) to ensure compliance with ethical and legal standards. Most importantly, you are always in control. We will not share your information unless you opt in, and you can have PicnicHealth delete your records at any time.

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